Paper Monster

Rostarr La Lune

Edition of 50

La Lune is a double first for us, both of which we are very excited about.   On one hand, it's the first print we've produced with Rostarr a new artist to Paper Monster. On the other, it's the first circular print we've ever produced. Rostarr's style brings a rich geometric element to this circular print featuring stunning metallic golds and silvers. See more of Rostarr's work here

Dimensions: 26.5 Inch Diameter.  Silkscreen Ink on Archival Paper.  Signed, Stamped and Numbered, Rostarr 2012.
Romon Kimin Yang aka Rostarr is a multi-disciplinary artist, painter, calligrapher and filmmaker living and working in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts where he studied experimental graphic design and printmaking, Early in his career he has managed to produce work in both the art and graphic design spheres, blurring the lines between the two. For the past fifteen years he is more widely known for his colorful abstract polymorphic paintings, totemic iconographic characters and mostly black and white calligraphic drawings. Always creating in a spontaneous manner, he is continually striving to find freedom within style, medium and form, and building upon the iconographic visual language he terms “Graphysics”, a word that exemplifies the geometric dynamism characteristic in his work. Since 1999 Rostarr has also been a core influential member of the group Barnstormers, a collective of approximately forty artists. >> Click Here for More Works by This Artist
  • Signed

La Lune - Rostarr 2012

La Lune - example of a framed print in square frame.