Paper Monster

Swampy Owl of Yawn

Edition of 40  
We are pleased to have Swampy on board here with his first print titled "Owl of Yawn."

The print really takes handfinishing to the next level.  At its base it is a two color screenprint on hand dyed paper.  All the detailing has been hand drawn including the graphite work in the branch and eyes and white pen in the owls face.

Dimensions: 20 x 26 Inches.
Silkscreen Ink, Graphite, and Pen on Archival Stained Paper. (Deckled Edges)

Signed, Numbered and Dated - Swampy 2012.
Swampy is a California boy. He squats the neighborhood haunted house and is a dedicated beach boys fan. He's a health food heister and the son of a Hell's Angel. Travelling up, down, and in between the coasts of North America by freight train, Swampy leaves his mark on just about any surface while taking photos along the way. Before releasing this edition of prints, he kept them locked in the closet of an abandoned house owned by an infamous cult in Oakland. If you want more, give Swampy a call at (321) CANT-WIN and leave a voice-mail.  >> Click Here for More Works by This Artist
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