Paper Monster

Swampy I Like Disappearing

"I Like Disappearing" is an original hand drawing from a new artist in our roster who we only know as Swampy.

His "signature" image has been drawn in graphite on hand stained archival paper. Make sure to check out the detail shots on this piece to soak in all the fine linework.

Dimensions: 20 x 25 Inches.Graphite on hand stained archival paper with deckled edge.

Signed and Dated, Swampy 2012.
Swampy is a California boy. He squats the neighborhood haunted house and is a dedicated beach boys fan. He's a health food heister and the son of a Hell's Angel. Travelling up, down, and in between the coasts of North America by freight train, Swampy leaves his mark on just about any surface while taking photos along the way. Before releasing this edition of prints, he kept them locked in the closet of an abandoned house owned by an infamous cult in Oakland. If you want more, give Swampy a call at (321) CANT-WIN and leave a voice-mail.  >> Click Here for More Works by This Artist
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