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Tomokazu Matsuyama Mr. Alpha

Limited Edition of 50

Tomokazu Matsuyama's newest print, Mr. Alpha picks up where his prior print left off.  Ample hand-loving on top of a 20 color screenprint on top of a giclee print. The layering of print techniques gives an incredible depth and complexity to this print. In addition, there is a final varnish layer that seals in Matsu's mastery.

Dimensions: Circular Diameter @ 26.5 Inches 
20 Color Screenprint, Giclee Print & Hand Finishing on Archival Paper  Signed and Numbered - Matsu 2012
Working in acrylic on canvas or paper, Tomokazu Matsuyama makes paintings that possess great charm and vivacity, a result of the artist’s sensitivity to his cultural roots combined with a distinctive contemporary playfulness.

Born in Japan and later immigrating to the United States, Matsuyama’s bicultural upbringing spurred a questioning of national and individual identity, which today figures prominently in the style and subject matter of his paintings.  Matsuyama embraces and updates the shifting, transformative aspect of the creature through his kaleidoscopic abstractions, simple figures, and faux naïf compositions.

Tomokazu Matsuyama was born 1976 in Tokyo, Japan, and currently lives and works in New York City. He received an MFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He Has exhibited works in galleries, institutions, and artfairs such as San Fransisco Musuem of Modern Art, Portsmouth Museum of Arts, Tufts University Museum, Frey Norris Gallery, Mizuma Art Gallery, Joshua Liner Gallery, Haunch of Venison Gallery, Upper Playground Gallery, Pulse Artfair, Art Hong Kong, Art Dubai, Art Miami and among many other. >> Click Here for More Works by This Artist
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Mr. Alpha Detail

Mr. Alpha Detail Close-Up

Mastu putting on the finishing touches.