Paper Monster

MOMO 0055

A new original in the "NYC hoarding" series, this one comes framed in a handsome oak box frame. Same interiest in line, implied tragicomedy, color, and materials as 0033, now with all new packaging!

Adhesive Paper and Acrylic on Wood. Dimensions: 25.5 x 20 x 2 inches.

Signed, MOMO 2007
MOMO is known for thoughtful post-graffiti: experiments include tagging his name a tag the width of Manhattan, over-sized outdoor collage, tide powered sculpture, a computer script which makes his art for him, and prints, paintings, and videos that rely on chance and context for fun and substance. 

Born in San Francisco, he has traveled most of his life, discounting six years New York. He joined a graffiti crew in 1999 while living in Spain, found his use of color while employed in the Caribbean, and fell for outside art while living outside: in a cave for a year, in a truck for a year, and in a tent for a year.

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  • Signed

0055 - MOMO, 2007