Paper Monster

John Tsombikos Auguries of Innocence

New Original from Borf.

This new original work from our man Borf is huge.  A three peice portrait of Seung-Hui Cho from the Virginia Tech Massacre done in happy stickers... only Borf could come up with something like this.

If interested in the piece please email us at for more info.

Arcylic and Scratch n' Sniff Stickers on Wood Panels.
Dimensions:  27 x 38 inches per panel, total of 3 panels.

Signed - Borf 2009
John Tsombikos is known for initiating a memorial graffiti campaign after his best friend (nicknamed "BORF") committed suicide when he was 16 years old. Tsombikos found his grief therapy in spray painting a stencil of BORF's face and writing his name everywhere imaginable. In 2005 Tsombikos was arrested in Washington, DC. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, as well as hundreds of hours of community service, fines, and years of supervision. 

Tsombikos has exhibited works in the US and internationally. He draws and paints things addressing the cause / effect relationship between the despondency of his generation and the poverty of modern life, all while humorously searching for a transcendent buoyancy. >> Click Here for More Works by This Artist

Untitled #1 - Borf 2009

Triptych Detail